Saturday, November 1, 2008

Blog Postings

Hi Everyone,
I will not be giving you any journal topic to reflect on . However, I hope you will use this opportunity to write on anything that interests you. For instance, if you have a family outing or you have some activities with your friends, why not share with the rest of the class. Include some pictures as they make the post more colourful and meaningful. Now that the exams are over, do take the time to read some good books. Do not just spend all your time playing computer games.
Hope to read some interesting postings.
Mr Ong

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Returning of Materials

Hi Everyone,
As the term is ending soon, please return your locker keys, school library books, ERP book and all materials belonging to the school. You will be asked to pay for the materials if you do not return or have lost them.
Mr Ong

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Results of Recycling Competition 2008

Hi Everyone,
Here are the results of the Recycling Competition. All of you tried hard to contribute to the recycling effort. That is really commendable. Although our class is not placed in the top five category, I hope you will continue to be mindful of the need to conserve our natural resources, be they paper, plastic or metal.
For all those who participated, thank you once again for your effort.
Mr Ong

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Term 4 Week 7 : Preparing for Examination

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are preparing for the SA2 which is coming up soon. This week, I would like you to reflect on how you prepare for your examination. To help you to write your reflection, I have listed some questions below:

1. What do you do to prepare for your examination?
2. How do you revise your various subjects?
3. Do you have any special strategies in preparing for your examination?
4. How do you motivate yourself to prepare for your examination?
5. Do you have a target to achieve in the various subjects?
6. Do you have a plan to achieve the target?
7. What do you do on the day of the examination?

Best wishes
Hope to read your response soon.
Mr Ong

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Homework during PSLE Marking Days

Hi Everyone,
The PSLE Marking Days are from 16 - 21 October 2008. During this period, you should use your time wisely to revise your work. Besides your textbooks and workbooks, you should also revise using the Primary English Book. The following are some of the work which you have to do during this period:
1. Do Maths Revision 1 Papers
2. Do English Revision Paper (Stamford Primary School)
3. Prepare the powerpoint slides for Health Education on 'A Balanced Diet'.
4. Do Maths Workbook exercise - last revision exercise
4. Any incomplete blogs

Do not spend your time playing computer games or watching television. Be serious, study hard and give off your best.

Best wishes
Mr Ong

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Term 4 Week 6: Littering and Vandalism

Hi Everyone,
There was no posting last week because of your Composition and Listening Comprehension Papers. For this week, I would like to focus on littering and vandalism. The school belongs to all of us. It is our common property. Hence, it is important to keep the common places clean. One way I do it is to remind myself 'Think of the next user. Let me keep it clean so that the next person can use it too'. I hope you can reflect on littering and vandalism in your own blog. As usual, to help you along, I will list some questions:
1. What is 'littering' and 'vandalism'? (Check the dictionary if you are not sure)
2. Do you know the difference?
3. Why do some children litter and vandalise?
4. How do you feel when the place is littered or vandalised?
5.Have you seen places that are littered or vandalise? Where?
6. How can we stop littering and vandalism in the school?
7. What should we do to those who litter or vandalise?

Hope to read your response soon.
Mr Ong

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Recycling Competition

Hi Everyone,
Here are some photographs of our pupils participating in the Recycling Competition. In a world where our resources are depleting at an alarming rate, it is important that everyone helps to conserve them. We must always remember the 3 Rs when conserving the use of resources. They are Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. I hope that this competition has made everyone more aware of the importance of conserving our resources. Do you have any comments about this competition? We would love to read it!
Mr Ong